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Porsche 911 sur les routes de la région de Malbuisson pour le Rallye Neige et Glace by Zoulou Racing Heritage



Rallye Neige et Glace 2024, the Doubs and Jura, differently

Simplified regulations

Local activities by Zoulou Racing Heritage

69th Rallye Neige et Glace, new format,
from February 17 to 21, 2024!

From 17 to 21 February 2024, the 69th edition of the Rallye Neige et Glace will take off under its new formula. The organising team remains the same, serious and friendly, entirely dedicated to the smooth running of the race. Now in its 20th year as a regularity event, the Rallye Neige et Glace 'by Zoulou' will nonetheless offer a number of new features in terms of the route, the rules and the overall entertainment.

Varied Route, adapted pace for the Rallye Neige et Glace 2024

Although it will have to wait until autumn and winter to be fully validated during the reconnaissance sessions already scheduled, the Route will offer unprecedented variety and a different tempo, entirely refocused around Malbuisson, the charming village in the Hauts Doubs where the Neige et Glace Rally has been based for over a decade.


To further enhance the conviviality that is the DNA of the Neige et Glace Rally, a Drivers Club dedicated to the crews, partners and press will be set up in the Parc Fermé at Malbuisson, allowing everyone to share their experience of the day with a drink in hand, while sampling some local specialities.

  • DAY D-1 (02/17/2024) - PREPARATIONS: From Saturday 17 February, the first crews will start arriving in Malbuisson and will be able to get their bearings. The administrative checks will open in the afternoon and, if possible, we'll already be starting the technical checks. PLEASE NOTE: if you have booked Package 1 (ALL IN), this first night must be ordered in addition from the organizers.

  • DAY 1 (02/18/2024) - SCRUTINEERING AND PROLOGUE AT MALBUISSON: At the end of the technical and administrative scrutineering organized at Malbuisson and on the shores of Lake Saint Point, the late afternoon and early evening will be devoted to the first Regularity Zone, which will determine the starting order for everyone the following day.

  • DAY 2 (02/19/2024) - THE JURA AS A STARTER: The first stage will take crews on a discovery of the steep roads of the Jura, with lunch organized in Clairvaux-les-Lacs, Morbier region. The first stage will be an appetizer with several new ZRs.


  • DAY 3 (02/20/2024) -THE BATTLE OF THE DOUBS: This will be the 'Step Queen' of this 20th regularity rally! At the end of a 'light' but nonetheless qualitative day, with lunch organized in the Morteau region, the crews will regroup in the early evening in Ornans, the charming village of the painter Gustave Courbet, bathed by the Doubs. After a dinner organized on site, the competitors will begin their return to Malbuisson for a 100% night-time finish, in the great tradition of winter sports events. Special entertainment will also be on offer in the small hamlet of Malans, where the local sports association will be giving them a spectacular and warm welcome. This will be followed by two long, headlamp-only sections over more than 30 kilometers before the final ZR of the day, which will take in the selective Rochejean route before the return to Malbuisson.


  • DAY 4 (02/21/2024) - 'POWER ZR' AT ROCHEJEAN: Starting mid-morning to give everyone enough rest after the 'Battle of the Doubs', the final loop around the region's lakes will offer a few surprises to spice up the final sprint of this 69th edition of the Neige et Glace Rally. In Rochejean, a real regularity challenge, the event will reach its climax with a 'Power ZR' where penalties will be doubled. The final podium will await the competitors in the heart of the Parc Fermé, opposite the Hôtel Le Lac, the Rally HQ. In the evening, a gala dinner will follow the prize-giving ceremony, before an evening of dancing and entertainment by a local band brings this 69th edition of the Rallye Neige et Glace to a close. 

Local events by Zoulou Racing Heritage

The Rallye Neige et Glace ‘by Zoulou’ would also like to develop the local roots of our organisation. To this end, we have made a number of contacts with key players in the region, with a view to involving even more people and local authorities in the Franche Comté region.


We're also working to develop partnerships in the Doubs and Jura regions, so that during the rally period we can organize a range of friendly events to showcase local products and crafts

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