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Subaru Impreza au Neige et Glace by Zoulou Racing Heritage



historical partners with Zoulou Racing Heritage

Brand-new partners the Rallye Neige et Glace 2024

Local roots
to discover local
and crafts

69th Neige et Glace Rally, February 17-21, 2024,new formula!

Technical partners

Zoulou Racing Heritage is proud to announce its collaboration with technical partners renowned in the world of regularity events.

Tripy and JB Time Concept are two of the mainstays in the organization and running of our events. Efficient and complementary, these two companies contribute to offering our customers a faultless professional service and give our organization the credit it deserves.

Capture d’écran 2023-07-08 à 11.14.14.png

Tripy Rally Services grew out of an electronics design and development office and designs all its own hardware and software. Tripy RS adapts its expertise to the
specific requirements of rallies and organizers. Each Tripy GPS is programmed and
knows all the data for your rally. Deploying Tripy means taking on board a professional, reliable and multi-tasking timekeeper and tracker, for accurate results, without delay and without dispute.

JBTC hexagone.png

JB Time Concept is a Belgian family company specialized in results and rankings for historic rallies. As a Rally Calculation Centre for nearly 30 years, we put our passion at the service of renowned classic events organizers all over the world.

Renewal of partnerships for 2024 Rallye neige et Glace EDITION!

As promised, the renewal of existing partners was finalised during the first reconnaissance events held in and around Malbuisson in the middle of the summer.

The Rallye Neige et Glace 'by Zoulou' will be developing the local roots of its organization. To this end, a number of contacts have been made with key players in the region to increase the involvement of local people and authorities in the Franche Comté region. 


Mairie de Malbuisson

Malbuisson Town Hall will be making even more resources available to the Rallye Neige et Glace for the on-site organization of administrative and technical scrutineering on 17 and 18 February 2024. A meeting with the mayor, Claude Lietta, has enabled us to further develop the partnership with our adopted village in order to offer you the best possible experience during your stay.



A long-standing partner of the Rallye Neige et Glace, the Badoz cheese dairy is a dynamic, independent family-run business based in Pontarlier - capital of the Haut-Doubs region in the Jura mountains. This mountainous region is the cradle of the age-old traditions and expertise for which it is renowned. The hills and valleys are covered with meadows that, season after season, harbour a rich and varied flora, which is the source of the typical and renowned character of its products.

distillerie guy.png

Distillerie ARMAND Guy

Pontarlier's Distillerie Guy de Pontarlier, one of the region's legendary distilleries, is also continuing its involvement in the Rallye Neige et Glace. A loyal partner for several years, this 127-year-old family business will be offering a sample of the fruity liqueurs that have enabled this extraordinary adventure, which has already spanned 4 generations, to continue despite the prohibition of absinthe. A checkpoint will be organized in front of the establishment during the 2024 edition of the Rally (alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume in moderation).


Le Lac complex

Since 1949, the Chauvin family has been welcoming you to Malbuisson for a meal or a holiday in an enchanting setting on the banks of Lac Saint-Point. In Franche-Comté, a stone's throw from the Swiss border, enjoy an authentic art of living in this wild setting. A loyal partner of the Rallye Neige et Glace for over ten years, with its 4 establishments - Hôtel Le Lac, Le Beausite, La Poste and Les Rives Sauvages, - on the shores of Lac de Saint Point, Complexe Le Lac will be more than ever the HQ of our event.

auto bernard renault.jpg

Renault Pontarlier

As part of the AutoBernard group, Renault Pontarlier will be the 'official transporter' for the 69th Rallye Neige et Glace 'by Zoulou', making Arkana and Austral vehicles available to the organizers for race management duties, as well as our mobile Race HQ and our teams dedicated to the media, accommodation and catering.



For Alain De Nys, grandson of Ali Kinsbergen, creator of Pontiac, watchmaking is a family affair. Together with his mother, Johanna, he took up the torch of the legendary brand, before establishing Breitling in Belgium and Luxembourg. In 2004, with the backing of the Canadian giant Bombardier, he launched Bombardier. The timepiece made in the Swiss Jura will be another incredible success. Six years later, in the wake of the economic crisis, he created GMT-CHRONOGRAPHS, under the 'Elegance for Professionals' label. Watches with a sporty look aimed at motor sports enthusiasts. Already a partner of many sporting events, GMT-CHRONOGRAPHS chose the Rallye Neige et Glace to strengthen its presence in the world of motorsport by becoming the official timekeeper of the event.


L'Est Républicain

With an estimated readership of over half a million, the daily Est Républicain is a key player in the region. A close partnership has been re-established to provide extensive coverage of the Rallye Neige et Glace, with 'inside' reports from the heart of the event to give a better understanding of its inner workings.

france bleu.png

France Bleu

With over 155,000 listeners, France Bleu Besançon is the number one radio station in the Doubs region outside the Montbéliard and Haute Saône areas. Complementing Radio France's network of local radio stations, France Bleu will be offering increased visibility to the Rally Neige et Glace 'By Zoulou', both before and during the event, through a range of special announcements and reports.

sanseinge vintage.png

Sanseigne Vintage

Specialising in classic cars, particularly Italian makes, Sanseigne Vintage has entered into a close partnership with the Rallye Neige et Glace. Joël and Corinne Sanseigne, multiple winners of the event in the past, have chosen to refocus their business on classic cars. With its workshop and showroom in Salins-les-Bains, Sanseigne Vintage can help you make your dream classic car a reality. 

NEIGE ET GLACE 2024 Sponsors

The renewal of existing partners is underway and will be finalized before the end of the summer.

The Rallye Neige et Glace ‘by Zoulou’ would also like to develop the local roots of its organization. To this end, several contacts have been made with key players in the region to increase the involvement of local people and authorities in Franche Comté. 

We're also working to develop partnerships in the Doubs and Jura regions, so that during the rally period we can organize a range of friendly events to showcase local products and crafts.

Would you like to become a sponsor or a partner?

Sur le podium d'arrivée à Malbuisson lors du rallye Neige et Glace
an exceptional rally
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