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Porsche 911 en glisse dans la poudreuse du Rallye Neige et Glace by Zoulou Racing Heritage


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February 17-21, 2024,
a new formula for the 69th Rallye Neige et Glace!

From the outset, media interest in the Neige et Glace Rally has been instantaneous.


The ultra-sporting nature of the event is of great interest to motor sport specialists. Every year, the rally receives considerable media coverage, both in France and in neighbouring countries, particularly Belgium, where many of the crews come from. On television (notably TF1, M6, C8 and France 3 Régions in France and RTBF in Belgium), in the daily press and magazines and on the many specialized websites, the Rallye Neige et Glace gets plenty of coverage.

Below you'll find all the press releases, rankings and photos from the last edition.

Below you'll find the latest press release published.

Over 70 years of
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